Why Did I decide to Blog Our Hearts Out?

Warning: You are about to read a series of rationalizations and excuses of a “wannabe online journal writer/blogger”. This e-journal is a testament of my “practice makes better” principle and I pray that someday once I become better, I hope to inspire others with a “can do attitude” with whatever it is they are happy and passionate about! ❤ ❤ ❤

Hearts BeatingSo I decided, in one of my lucid moments, to write and write and write (finally!). I’ve been dreaming of doing it for several years now but I’ve always told myself that I’m never able to really find time because hey, I write daily/weekly/monthly and yearly financial reports to top management anyway- that’s also writing isn’t it? well except that these reports are mostly 70-80% numbers and (mostly) in excel format so I really do not know if these counts. Haha! 😉 Plus now, I have surplus time in my hands so I really do not have any excuse anymore not to.

So why did I decide to create an online journal? Well, one simple answer that always comes clear to me is that I simply like writing. I see myself as a good listener and observer and this has been my outlet for a lot of things- whether it be a happy moment, my frustrations, low and boring days or my dreams and aspirations. I don’t really speak often and express my opinion just like that unless asked and penning my thoughts on just about anything and everything under the sun or that which relates to me is something which I like to do. I don’t really keep a diary of any sorts but time and again, I like penning down snippets of memories (good and bad alike) in my computer, piece of post-it, or even in between pages of my audit and account files (during my previous employment).

But why write for everyone to see, you might ask? Secondary to myself wanting and being happy about writing, I pushed myself a little more and decided to go for an  e-journal, baring ‘our hearts’ out’ because:

  • This is me ticking-off an item in my bucket list!

Just like cutting my hair short (my shortest so far in my entire existence) which I did less than a month ago, having my own space to write in the world-wide web is a “Yay! Moment” for me.  More than the strike-off in my list, this is ME opening my (our) heart’s out for the world to see. Feels scary, really. 😐

  • In my old age, I’d like to look back to my 30 something self (and onwards) and find myself in my writings.

My blogs will now chronicle bits and pieces of stories of myself and those that matter to me. Looking back, I hope to encapsulate feelings and moments down memory lane. Would that not be nice over a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate loving cake? Hihi. XD

  • I want to be relevant to my kids even when they are all grown up.

I was never a social media kind of person. In fact, if you are my friend in facebook, seldom do I have an entry spanning a week or even a month at times- that’s just not me. But in this day and age, I sometimes think overboard and go past myself and ask: Will I be relevant to my kids 20  or 30 years from now? I am not saying that social media is my standard for being relevant. All I’m saying is as a means of communication, especially if (and when the time comes) that you won’t be 24/7 be with your kids, I want them to know that they were and forever will be a big part of my heart through my e-journal entries (fingers crossed: I hope they find time to read my entries sometime in the future!) 🙂

  • To journal what is dear and relevant to me allows (and pushes) me to reflect on my self and what I really want to do and become.

As I was writing this post, ideas and past experiences started to run in my head 💡 – of future topics, of things I wanted to share, things I want to learn and be better at and so on. And so apart from my excitement,  I actually registered quite a number of emotions just by reflecting and fully deciding on getting on with this! Imagine what more fun and challenge it would be once I keep this running 🙂

  • I pray to be as true as I can be in my blogs so that my writings can be practical guides and as informative as they can be to others who can relate on the same experience.

As I am a work in progress in many ways apart from the writing department, it would be an added bonus if I can reach out to others or to a few audience who might want to travel to a similar place or lives in the same community, interested in the same activities and hobbies, or is experiencing a like dilemma, or could be going through comparable reflections and decisions in life- would it not be comforting to know that someone else is going (has gone) through the same thing and can relate? So Yes, I’m hoping to hear from you guys in the future.

So to all of you who took time to read this post- THANK YOU (I hope this won’t be the last! 😛 )

Cheers to Life, Heartfelt Writing and New Adventures ❗

Sincerely Ken+Kat ❤ KenKat Journals